Information & support

A comprehensive range of resources is available to members. Most are
organised regionally and therefore provide local tools and solutions
that can be adapted for your area. Here are just a few examples.

Professional standards

Moore Stephens International is a member of the IFAC Forum of Firms and monitors audit quality through its professional standards review process, building on the quality assurance processes that member firms have in place as part of their operating procedures 

To facilitate member firms’ compliance with ethical requirements, a confidential system permits checking for any potential conflicts that may arise across the network in respect of professional services.
Audit and assurance

Technical support
Members can call on dedicated audit, accounting and tax technical support at
any time through our technical teams at national and regional levels.

Audit methodology and procedures
Audit quality is a major concern for all accountants. The Moore Stephens
International audit manual is ISA compliant, mandatory for all member firms and assists the delivery of consistent quality.
Client risk and verification
Cllient acceptance and continuation
Through a network license, member firms have access to a third party database designed to identify adverse information concerning client and potential client entities and affiliated individuals
Financial reporting
The complexities of IFRS and US GAAP can be immense. We provide advice and assistance to member firms on these and other accounting-related  ssues.
Public offerings and corporate advisory

Access to our centres of excellence provides members with the skills and confidence to provide valuable advice to clients in listings and corporate

Global collaboration groups

We have more than twenty network-wide collaboration groups The aim of the collaboration groups is to bring the best the network has to offer to bear on each sector and service line area to develop these markets for the benefit of all members, share best practice, and create new ideas to
enhance and extend client service.

Global people development

Membership of Moore Stephens International provides members with the opportunity to develop your leaders and people in a range of important ways, positioning us as a leading network for the employment, retention,
development and mobility of our people

The Moore Stephens Harvard Executive Leadership Programme

A unique programme designed through collaboration between Harvard and Moore Stephens. Targeted for current and future leaders of our firms

The Global Mobility Programme

Exposing the talent within your organisation to a new experience abroad, or gaining access to additional skills from the network for your own business can be an important way to develop your people and the internal
capability of your firm

The Moore Stephens Global Mobility programme has been established to achieve this, with secondment opportunities available throughout the network

Technical training

Moore Stephens International offers a range of technical training opportunities at a local, regional and international level. Training areas include courses on auditing and reporting, ISA implementation, IFRS and accounting updates, ethics and independence and taxation.

Moore Stephens International holds a number of international, regional and national conferences providing both training and networking opportunities. As well as general events, there are many specialist events, covering tax, audit and specific industry sectors.